Filippo Vicarelli - Videogame Music Composer
the Midi Tamer

Main Activities Music loops library coming in different genres and moods
Writing, recording and
producing original
loopable music Originally designed free sound effects library for games
Turning synth knobs,
sampling noises and
processing stuff
Freelance Artist Custom music and audio service at competitive rates
Producing audio for
indipendent games
since 2008
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Hello folks! Welcome to my personal site.

My name is Filippo Vicarelli and I write music. A lot of music. I work for indipendent games and for my own audio libraries PlayOnLoop and NoiseForFun. Right now, as you're reading this text, I'm probably working on some new exciting music project.


Have a quick insight about my personal sound!

I guess there's no way to catalog my music under specific genres, I go from fantasy and sci-fi tracks, to rock ballads, to retro-game tunes depending if it's a personal project or a videogame.

Game Freak 2:45
Synth Magic 2:20
Maximum Impact 2:15
Gentle Minded 2:25
Just Noise 0:45

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